hello, my name is Kan. Welcome to the archive that is all of my silly doodles and "artwork". It's mostly homestuck, I apologize. If you have any ideas/requests, drop them over in my askbox and ill think about doing them! (i can promise I will though!) thank you for stopping by. uvu

i love how her hair came out!

i haven’t used SAI in so long, im so rusty ;o;

pisces wallpapers v2! (the third is my personal favorite)

mooooooore phone wallpapers - Ampora edition!

when I cosplay I like setting my backgrounds on my phone as character wallpapers so i decided to share with you the ones i have made!

whenever i cosplay, i like to make wallpapers for my phone to match my costume! So I thought I’d share mine with tumblr in case someone else wants to as well (theyre 2x3, which is the iPhone5 res, but they work for anything). Here are the Peixes ones I made!! 

do you think if i sold prints people would buy them???? *0*

I just wanted another excuse to draw curly hair

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